Volunteer finds ‘starving’ woman who hadn’t eaten in two weeks on ‘millionaire’s row’

A kind-hearted volunteer found a “starving” woman who hadn’t eaten in two weeks on ‘millionaire’s row’.

Teresa Farrell was left horrified when she discovered a woman starving, despite the fact she lived on a street where the average house price is more than £1million.

She runs Push on Wellbeing (POW) in Chelmsey Wood, Solihull, West Midlands, and has seen first hand the dreadful reality of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, Birmingham Live reported.

Along with another volunteer, Teresa was called out to a bungalow and when they got there the first thing the woman, in her sixties, said was “I’m starving!”.

She claimed the woman hadn’t eaten in two weeks despite living in the “supposed rich part of Solihull,”.

Teresa said issues of poverty and food insecurity were often overlooked in these areas because people assumed they had money.

On top of that, Teresa said that the woman hadn’t been able to get help at a local food bank.

Teresa, who runs the Lily’s Tea Parlour Project, said: “If we hadn’t got that food to her she would be dead now.

“Something desperately needs to change. I have heard of people starving to death but when you see somebody there are big alarm bells going off.

“Everybody is in the same boat. I don’t care where they live or where they are from or what house or what car they are driving. Something desperately needs to change.

“This woman lives around the corner from the poshest place in Solihull and she’s starving to death. What is going on? There was no help for her. It’s just horrendous. We have picked her back up and we are looking after her now.”

During the refugee crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Teresa found herself inundated with food donations for those arriving from abroad.

But last month she was forced to issue a desperate plea for more supplies as their food parcels dwindle amid the cost-of-living crisis.